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Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the executive board of the Chicago Rubber Group, I would like to thank you for your support during a most difficult year of 2021. We hope your respective organizations are doing very well in 2022. The CRG is committed to continue serving you and in featuring a bright and hopeful future. In this vane, the topics lined up include discussion of new technologies/ tools  (such 3D printing) and use of raw materials (fillers) that will reduce rolling resistance (improve energy efficiency).


The CRG will continue  to promote scholarly participation of young adults in the rubber industry. To this end, several scholarships will be made available to local High school students who wish to pursue a career in rubber Technology. Our scholarship Chair Richard Alt  will be reaching out with details on the application process.


2023 will be a big year for the Chicago Rubber Group Education committee, when we will resume our offering of a one week training course in rubber technology. Watch out for information via Education Chair, Mark Petras.


Continuing in our tradition,  CRG Golf will be presenting some of the best organized golfing experiences throughout the year. Our Chairs, Mike Szymborski  (CRG Chicago) and Jessica Petras (CRG - Wisconsin) will be reaching out to you with details.


Thank you again for your continued support!


Deidre Tucker


President CRG