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September, 2017


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While I am a fan of spring, autumn is admittedly my favorite time of year. For one, football comes back into focus. Summer gives way to kids getting back to school, Halloween, and of course, cooler temperatures. Some of the most memorable times of our lives occur in fall. Not to mention all the marvelous colors of the season! For the Chicago Rubber Group, fall means we gather for another Technical Meeting.


This fall, we will feature Ed Norton from Alpha Technologies, who will speak to us about rheological rubber testing and its applications for rubber processing quality control. As always, our website, has been updated with the latest information on our group. Go there to find out more about this meeting and to sign up to join us for dinner!


2017 has been a great year for the CRG. In May, we held our Spring Technical Meeting in Lake Geneva, WI, when Victor Nasreddine, Ph.D. spoke to us about Levapren EVM elastomers.


In July, we held our first of two golf outings at a new venue, Village Links of Glen Ellyn. Mike Szymborski did a nice job of finding us a good place to hold this outing, with our typical venue unfortunately closing up shop at the end of last season. I think many of us would agree that Village Links is indeed an upgrade from Indian Lakes in years past.


In August, Jessica Petras held her first Wisconsin Golf Outing as chair. While I once again did not get to personally attend this outing, I'm certain Jessica did well. Special thanks to Jessica, Mike and all our golf outing donors and participants for their hard work and support of our CRG!


As a member of the CRG Education Committee, I would like to also remind you that coming up in March of 2108, we will again hold our Basics of Rubber Technology Course at SKF in Elgin. I know it seems like a long way off, but trust me, it isn't. Our course has always been well-received and I think our committee does a nice job of continual improvement, so we are looking forward to another great one in the spring. This course will be tempered with some heavy hearts however as we will be missing the presence of Jock Whitacre and Jerry Landl. Jock and Jerry are two of our key integral course volunteers whom we have unfortunately lost this past year. Jock was very involved with our group in many ways over the years as well, but regardless, both were great men in their own right, and are missed by all that knew them.


Finally, as I stated last year, with this being the final CRG communiqué of 2017, please remember to renew your memberships, corporate donations, and newsletter advertisements for 2018 before you leave for the Holidays! We are also looking for a secretary candidate for 2018 so we can organize our Board Election. If you are interested please email me as soon as possible at, or contact any of our other officers.


It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as President, once again, this year! I shall join a very short list of individuals who have been able to serve two terms. Thank you all again for your continued support and I hope to see you at White Pines on the 21st!

Mark Hlinak, President

The Chicago Rubber Group, Inc.

Revised 09/12/2017